Prevent Dog Bites: Top 8 Tips

Know the Warning Signs 

Dogs may show signs of aggression like growling, baring teeth, or raised hackles. Recognizing these signs can help you avoid bites. 

Approach Dogs Carefully 

Always ask the owner's permission before approaching an unfamiliar dog. Approach slowly with your hand out for the dog to sniff. 

Respect Their Space 

Dogs need their personal space. Avoid sudden movements or touching their belongings without permission. 

Never Disturb a Sleeping Dog 

Dogs can be startled when awakened, which may lead to defensive behavior. Let sleeping dogs lie. 

Teach Children Safety 

Educate children to be gentle and respectful around dogs. Always supervise their interactions with pets. 

Avoid Eye Contact 

In dog language, direct eye contact can be seen as a threat. Avoid prolonged eye contact with unfamiliar dogs. 

Stay Calm and Still 

If a dog approaches you aggressively, avoid running or making loud noises. Stand still and calm until the dog loses interest. 

Learn Basic Dog Behavior 

Understanding canine body language and behavior can help you interact safely with dogs. Research dog behavior basics. 

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