Top 7 zodiac signs who are afraid of having physical relations

Scorpio's Emotional Walls 

Scorpios may fear vulnerability, building walls around emotions that hinder physical closeness. 

Virgo's Fear of Imperfection 

The meticulous Virgo fears judgment, hindering the exploration of physical connections. 

Capricorn's Ambition Over Intimacy 

Ambitious Capricorns may prioritize goals over physical connections, fearing distractions. 

Aquarius and Independence 

Aquarians' love for independence can create hesitation towards deep physical bonds. 

Cancer's Fear of Rejection 

Cancers fear rejection, impacting their willingness to engage in physical relationships. 

Taurus' Slow Trust Buildup

Slow to trust, Tauruses may fear physical intimacy until a strong emotional foundation is established. 

Libra's Fear of Disharmony 

Libras fear disharmony, avoiding physical connections to maintain balance in relationships. 

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