Top 7 Zodiac Signs Who Prefer Live In Relationship Over Marriage, Astrologers Say!


These fiery individuals value their independence and often opt for live-in relationships to keep their freedom intact. 


Geminis, known for their adaptability, find live-in arrangements more appealing. They enjoy the flexibility it offers without the commitment of marriage. 


Adventure-loving Sagittarians prefer the thrill of a live-in relationship, as it aligns with their free-spirited nature. 


These non-conformists often resist traditional norms and find live-in relationships a way to express their unique values. 


Despite their reputation for emotional depth, some Cancers prioritize a live-in partnership due to the emotional intimacy it fosters. 


Leos, though known for their love of grand gestures, sometimes opt for live-in relationships to maintain their individuality and pursue their passions. 


The dreamy Pisceans often feel that a live-in relationship allows them to be closer to their partner without the formality of marriage. 

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