Top 8 Tips To Keep Your Senior Cat Healthy

Regular Vet Check-Ups 

Schedule annual check-ups to catch any issues early, just like you would with your own health. 

Balanced Diet 

Feed your senior cat high-quality, age-appropriate food to support their changing nutritional needs. 

Hydration is Key 

Make sure your feline friend always has fresh water available. Dehydration can lead to various health problems. 

Gentle Playtime 

Engage in low-impact play to keep their joints limber and maintain a healthy weight. 

Stress Management 

Minimize environmental changes and provide a safe, quiet space for your senior cat. 

Oral Care 

Regularly brush their teeth or consider dental treats to prevent dental issues. 

Weight Control 

Maintain a healthy weight to prevent obesity-related problems. 

Love and Attention 

Spend quality time with your senior cat; they thrive on companionship and emotional support. 

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